Ten Fun Interesting Bookmarks

Nov 07

I am forever on the hunt for new bookmarks. Apparently, this is no great secret and so a friend recommended the following bookmarks to me: 1. STIPEE BOOKMARKS (You can purchase these and many other kinds of Stipee Bookmarks here.)       2. A Handy Bookmark by Fingerprint   3. Leaf-it bookmarks by Designboom   4. Help bookmark by Designboom   5. Hana Fusen Note Tags...

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Free Valentine Bookmarks

Jan 18

I stumbled upon a photoshop goldmine, Florabella Collections of PS Actions and Textures.  I love them! They just so happen to be giving away free Valentine’s Day cards and bookmarks and so I had to share these with you! You can get them free at their official post about them… at...

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Printable bookmarks

Sep 15

I have been having so much fun making bookmarks I decided to make some for everyone to print out. All you need is a printer, adobe reader, card stock (or thick paper) and some scissors. You can download them here. I will try to make more free printable bookmarks every now and again. For now, enjoy and if you like them please do let me know! Leave a comment...

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Another homemade bookmark

Sep 14

I made yet another homemade bookmark. This bookmark was simple to make as well. I used thicker card stock paper and drew a simple bird outline and a wing. Then I used water colors to paint theem both. This did cause it to warp a little like water color does… I tried to flatten it with a coaster. I then glued the wing on but only on the top part so the bottom...

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Easy-peasy bookmark

Sep 13

I needed a bookmark and didn’t want to pay a lot for one since I seem to misplace them all the time or leave them in books I give away. I decided I would ‘make’ one. And I found a bookmark that was really easy to make. An envelope, my logo (you can choose whatever design you like…get creative!) and some glue. You seal the envelope and cut off...

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12 Days of MY Birthday (Day 7)

Dec 13

December 13th — Day 7 of  the 12 Days of MY Birthday… Another day to play my game and relax. Since it is not my turn to do dishes… or cook… I could just read and play my game. And I did just that. I am now well into Westward IV: All Aboard. The mayor of Haverbrook is not entirely convinced I can run his trains properly so he is making me prove it. I took...

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