Reading IS sexy

Mar 31


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Love for books

Feb 11

Love for books, originally uploaded by birdyonmywindow. “Books are becoming everything to me. If I had at this moment any choice in life, I would bury myself in one of those immense libraries…and never pass a waking hour without a book before me.” ~ Thomas B. Macaulay I took this photograph and edited with Photoshop. Nice, eh? =) If you want it as...

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Book of Christmas Love

Dec 17

4/365. Book of Love., originally uploaded by Thomas Åsen. What better present than a book for the holidays? Another stunning bibliophotograph worth...

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“As You Like It” – christmas edition

Dec 16

“As You Like It” – christmas edition., originally uploaded by red.dahlia. Another bibliophotograph worth...

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Book related costumes

Oct 31

Some bibliophiles are so creative. Here are a few book related costumes (bookworms, books, baby bookworms…!). Margaret Clauder Bookworm for hire Twilight Book Costume by a very avid Twilight fan indeed… Homemade Bookworm Halloween Costume (with instructions click here!) And last but not least… the ever-so-cute baby bookworm costume… A Baby...

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It’s raining books

Oct 01

Once upon a time in a land far, far away…a quaint Swiss town close to France, in a charming place called Romainmôtier there was a used book fair and a book-loving artist named Jan Reymond. Jan wanted to ‘give the unsold books a last life before they were thrown away. So he decided to create artistic works throughout his town following each book fair to...

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