Books for Father’s Day

Jun 04

I was trying to think what I could get my father for Father’s Day and I decided upon books! Ties are cliche and generally people like to choose their own ties. Belts and shirts are not very personal and again they are a matter of personal taste, aren’t they? So… books! They are the perfect gift for every occasion really. You can get a mind science...

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More Book Cakes

Apr 08

These book cakes are so wonderful I decided to do another post to share more…if you missed the first two posts, you can see them here and...

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Book Cakes 2

Apr 01

And some more book cakes…(to see the original Book cakes post click...

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Book Cakes

Mar 25

Oh, for the love of books! People will always love books, so those afraid of e-reading devices (like my nook, my nook, my nook, my nook…) eliminating books as we know them—have heart…we are a strong group of individuals, we book lovers, and we won’t be allowing the printed book to go to the wayside so easily. Here are some sweet reminders how...

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