Forgive me father…

Jun 27

…for I have sinned. It has been 4 days since my last post. Life has held me hostage. I’ve barely had the chance to even pick up a book, let alone write about them or photograph them but don’t worry, I still love them. It is deep rooted in every fiber of my being. For now, I want to share this amazing book photo I found on flickr,...

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More Book Cakes

Apr 08

These book cakes are so wonderful I decided to do another post to share more…if you missed the first two posts, you can see them here and...

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Book Cakes 2

Apr 01

And some more book cakes…(to see the original Book cakes post click...

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Book Cakes

Mar 25

Oh, for the love of books! People will always love books, so those afraid of e-reading devices (like my nook, my nook, my nook, my nook…) eliminating books as we know them—have heart…we are a strong group of individuals, we book lovers, and we won’t be allowing the printed book to go to the wayside so easily. Here are some sweet reminders how...

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12 Days of MY Birthday (Day 8)

Dec 14

December 14th — Day 8 of  the 12 Days of MY Birthday… Ooohhh…today I started early. A little after midnight on this 8th day of my 12 days of birthday my friend gave me a fun little present… Day 8    A Teeny Tiny Tea Set Oh! Fun! We had a ‘spot’ of tea! Hehehehe… this was fun. Though the cups were way less than even 1/8th a teaspoon. It...

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12 Days of MY Birthday (Day 7)

Dec 13

December 13th — Day 7 of  the 12 Days of MY Birthday… Another day to play my game and relax. Since it is not my turn to do dishes… or cook… I could just read and play my game. And I did just that. I am now well into Westward IV: All Aboard. The mayor of Haverbrook is not entirely convinced I can run his trains properly so he is making me prove it. I took...

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