Bye Bye Borders

Feb 22

Borders Books New York, originally uploaded by

Borders Book store chain has declared Chapter 11 and is closing approximately 200 stores across the United States. Is this an example of capitalism working its charm or is this something more insidious to the sales of printed books? I don’t think we have enough information to decide this but perhaps Barnes and Noble will take notice and stay focused on their main customers.

Borders tried to sell everything—books, movies, music, all forms of games etc. Do customers want a one-stop shop for their media? Do people still buy CD’s? I know I don’t want to get my music at my bookstore. I want to get books. It is time to get back to basics, book stores. Let Borders be an example for you.

That said, I am fortunate that the Borders closest to me is not one of the Borders being shut down. Is your local Borders on the chopping block? You can find out here.

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