Bury me in books

Jun 12

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Please bury me in the library
In the clean, well lighted stacks
Of Novels, History, Poetry,
Right next to the Paperbacks,

Where the Kid’s Books dance
With True Romance
And the Dictionary dozes.
Please bury me in the library
With a dozen long-stemmed proses.

Way back by a rack of Magazines,
I won’t be sad too often,
If they bury me in the library
With Bookworms in my coffin.

J. Patrick Lewis found in “Please Bury Me in the Library”…

Please do not use the photo above without permission from me…it is mine. =) Thanks.


  1. There are days when I picture you just like that for hours at a time, just reading whatever book you wanted to at the moment. It’s a beautiful picture.

  2. HA! Exactly! Reading is fun! =)

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