Tuscany: Inside The Light

Author: Joel Meyerowitz
Joel Meyrowitz is one of the world’s best-known and best-selling photographers; his Cape Light has become a color photography classic with 100,000 copies sold.The Tuscan countryside is among the most well-loved on earth, for its beauty, its natural bounty, its magnificent light. Award-winning photographer Joel Meyerowitz and novelist/playwright Maggie Barrett have combined talents to create a loving and personal portrait of Tuscany through the seasons. Meyerowitz provides the breathtaking images; Maggie Barrett offers poetic, evocative commentary that pays loving tribute to this alluring rural world. They take you inside everyday Tuscan life and landscape, and also capture the warmth of the people who live there and their profound connection to the land.Joel Meyerowitz, who has published 14 books, is a Guggenheim fellow and an NEA and an NEH award-winner. His photographs have shown in major museums, including the Museum of Modern Art. He was the only photographer granted access to Ground Zero, where he persistently captured both the devastation and the dedication of the many workers who toiled at the World Trade Center site. Maggie Barrett is the author of three novels and a collection of short stories. Her play, Give it Up, was performed off Broadway.
ISBN: 9780760746820
Page Count: 79
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Publication Date: January 2003
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