Tree (Mini Ed.): A New Vision Of The American Forest

Author: Jim Balog
The format’s more modest, but the visual splendor is as huge as ever. This miniature Tree offers James Balog’s groundbreaking portraits in a smaller but equally beautiful format, with three gatefolds. Makes a great gift! Acclaimed photographer James Balog’s groundbreaking tree portraits now come in a miniature but equally gifty format. This new edition preserves the sense of awe found in the original book, with stunning looks at North America’s most superlative trees–the old, the massive, the tall–in whatever landscape they remain. Immense portraits of sequoias and redwoods as no human has ever viewed them are captured in thousands of tiny frames as the photographer rappels down a neighboring tree. We see thoughtful portrayals of trees that have survived by sheer hardiness or luck, standing poised on the edge of northern wilderness, isolated on a golf course, or pardoned by the mark of a forward-thinking logger. Three gatefolds display Balog’s signature multi-image works. With accompanying essays by the photographer, this pictographic volume truly delivers a new vision of American trees.”James Balog photographed 92 superlative specimens in novel ways…But it [is] his full-length images of the big guys…that required every bit of Mr. Balog’s ingenuity.”–The New York Times “Here comes the sap-a-razzi! James Balog goes to dizzying heights to take stunning photos of trees.”– People magazine
ISBN: 9781402728181
Page Count: 182
Publisher: Sterling
Publication Date: 10/11/2005
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