The Unicorn Road. Martin Davies

Author: Martin Davies
On the coast of southernSpain, an English father sits waiting for his son. It is many years since Benedict, then still a child, set out with the famous scholarAntioch on a mission to find and collect the mysterious beasts of the East. In all those years there has been no word, and the expedition is assumed lost. But the boy’s father is not the only person asking questions on the harbourside that summer, and as he learns more about his son’s companions, he comes to realise that the fate of the expedition has implications for people far richer and more powerful than himself. The Unicorn Road tells of a journey into the unknown and of the secret motives and hidden passions of those it brings together. When Benedict is befriended by the interpreter, Venn, he becomes embroiled in an exotic, dangerous adventure. It is a story of love and honour, greed and cruelty and, ultimately, about the power of words themselves. As magically evocative as an ancient silk painting, The Unicorn Road is a novel of the medieval world which vividly and tenderly illuminates our own.
ISBN: 9780340896341
Page Count: 324
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton
Publication Date: March 2009
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