The Land Of Elyon, Book I: The Dark Hills Divide

Author: Patrick Carman
Twelve year old Alexa Daley is spending another summer in Bridewell with her father. She looks forward to exploring the old lodge where she stays each year, with its cozy library and maze of passages and rooms. She’s also eager to finally solve the mystery of what lies beyond the immense walls that protect Bridewell and the towns nearby. Legend has it the walls were built to keep out an unnamed evil that lurks in the forests and The Dark Hills – but what is it the townspeople are so afraid of? As Alexa begins to unravel the truth about what lies outside the protective barrier she’s lived behind all her life, she discovers a strange and ancient enchantment. Is it the work of Elyon, the fabled creator of the land in which she lives? In the course of her adventures, Alexa exposes a danger that could destroy everything she holds dear – unless she can find a way to thwart a traitor’s plans.
ISBN: 9780974228709
Page Count: 200
Publisher: Amped Media
Publication Date: 8/1/2003
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