The Great Encyclopedia Of Faeries

Author: Pierre Dubois
They are known as the Little People, the Beautiful Maidens, the Godmothers, the Blessed, the Ageless Ones…for it is dangerous to say the name “faeries” without good reason. Ruling over earth, air, fire, and water, they protect forests, animals, and children, and in their hands lie the dreamy souls of all creatures. The faeries rose from the mist long, long ago, in the time of the Golden Age — well before the creation of gods and men. In their magical fancy they created the singing grasses and the reflection of springs, the music of legends and the far side of the mirror. From the Valkyries of Valhalla to the Babouchka of Russia, Banshees, Dryads, Bogey Beasts, Sirens, and their ilk populate the imaginations and the forests of every culture. In this comprehensive celebration of the world of faery, renowned French elficologist Pierre Dubois describes the extraordinary richness of the faery kingdom, presenting dozens and dozens of lushly illustrated entries on the most powerful and enchanting denizens of this magical world. Dubois provides readers with authoritative information detailing the customs, habitat, and activities of these Little People. Faery Godmothers, we discover, were originally tall, distinguished, and rather severe; only recently have they taken up the magic wands and cheerful smiles we know them for today. We learn that the favorite foods of the Arthurian faery Viviane are the blackberries that surround Merlin’s tomb. And among the customs and activities of the Bogey Beast, the prime goal is indeed to scare little children…if only for their protection. Dubois’s entrancing descriptions are accompanied by Roland and Claudine Sabatier’s marvelous illustrations, which depict the appearance of the faeries, the places where they are found, and their familiar objects. Without revealing any faery confidences (which must never be betrayed), Dubois and the Sabatiers have created a comprehensive and utterly enchanting survey of a magical world as old as time.
ISBN: 9780684869575
Page Count: 184
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Publication Date: 4/1/2000
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