The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia Of North American Birds

Author: David G. Chandler, Dominic Couzens, Russ Malin Stephen Moss
Synopsis Bird-watching is a phenomenally popular pastime, whether for seriously keen birders or those of us who would just love to identify the birds in our backyard. Written and compiled by experts and bird lovers, this comprehensive new encyclopedia covers everything you would ever want to know about our feathered friends. Invaluable information covering the anatomy, behavior, and habitat of birds in general. Practical advice on bird-watching and identification, including what equipment you need and what to look for. Clear entries covering all the main species of bird (over 380); split into the main types of habitat. Helpful statistics and icons that provide essential information at a glance. 1,000 picturesincluding anatomical diagramsillustrating details, practical advice and all species. Also features useful addresses, further reading, a glossary, and a comprehensive index.
ISBN: 9781435105423
Page Count: 352
Publisher: Metro Books
Publication Date: 2008
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