Teaching Today: An Introduction To Education (6th Edition)

Author: David G. Armstrong
Author: Kenneth T. Henson
Author: Tom V. Savage
This interesting introduction to education and teaching uses a reader-engaging style to explore the full spectrum of the field. Using reality as a springboard, it offers many hands-on opportunities to reflect, to analyze, and to develop effective decision-making and leadership skills. The authors provide clear, research-based coverage of relevant topics that relate to the profession’s social, historical and philosophical foundations; characteristics of learners; school reform and theories associated with instruction; management; and evaluation. It truly prepares readers to become altruistic, innovative teachers in a climate of constant change. Chapter topics include becoming a professional educator, legal issues affecting teachers, the diverse needs of a variety of learners, effective instruction, classroom management and discipline, assessing learning, influences on teachers and learners, and the influence of curriculum. For teachers in today’s classrooms and the teachers of tomorrow.
ISBN: 9780130226808
Page Count: 496
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 5/3/2000
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