Swan In Love

Author: Eve Bunting
Dora was a boat shaped like a swan. Swan loved her. “Doesn’t he know she’s different?” the other swans on the lake mutter to each other. Swan knows, but he knows that differences mean nothing to love. The frogs croak their disapproval and the fishes whisper it from below. Swan listens politely, but he knows love is never wrong. Even as the winters get longer and Dora’s once sparkling paint begins to crack and peel, faithful Swan stays with her, certain that they must always be together. Eve Bunting’s deeply resonant text and Jo Ellen McAllister Stammen’s resplendent illustrations combine with shimmering grace to tell a story of the transforming power of love.
ISBN: 9780689820809
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Atheneum
Publication Date: 4/1/2000
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