Random House Webster’s College Dictionary

Author: Random House
The easiest to use. Unlike some dictionaries, Random House Webster’s always lists a word’s most common definitions first, so the meaning you need is easy to find.

The best guidance on word usage. Extensive usage notes in dictionaries, example sentences and synonym studies in thesauruses, clear warnings about sensitive and offensive language. Only Random House Webster’s gives you the words you need and the means to use them well.

All-in-one reference. Ready-reference tables, spelling and punctuation rules, maps, writer’s guides, and other helpful reference materials are included in Random House Webster’s reference books.

The newest words. For over 50 years Random House Webster’s has included the newest words and meanings before any other dictionary. The first college dictionary to include baby-sit (1947) and Internet (1995) now includes B2B, hottie, and more.

Find the Right Word
• More new words than any other dictionary including B2B, bazillion, bleeding edge, cross-post, dot-commer, hotlink, hottie, identity theft, microbrowser, Mifeprex, push poll, streaming, and WML
• Over 207,000 clear definitions with full coverage of words you need, all in A-Z text for easy look-up
• The most common meanings given first to find the right meaning faster

Choose the Right Word
• The clearest advice on avoiding offensive language helps you choose your words carefully
• Extensive coverage of slang, informal, and formal words gives you the right word for every situation

Use the Right Word
• Expert guidance in hundreds of special notes that clearly explain grammar questions, confusable synonyms, common spelling errors, tricky pronunciations, and more
• Easy-to-use writer’s guide takes the guesswork out of expressing yourself clearly

• Up-to-the-minute biographical and geographical entries
• Hundreds of illustrations
• Abbreviations
• Foreign terms
• Over 27 pages of maps and tables
• Signs and symbols
• Presidents
• Holidays
• And more

ISBN: 9780375425608
Page Count: 1600
Publisher: Random House Reference
Publication Date: 7/18/2000
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