Puffins (Worldlife Library)

Author: Kenny Taylor
The three kinds of puffins that live around the northern rim of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans are among the most popular birds in the world. Many recognize these lovely seafarers’ striking colors, huge bills, and stout outlines. Describing these birds and the conservation issues facing them, Puffins is the only completely up-to-date, full-color guide for general readers to all the world’s puffins. It’s a must for birdfanciers and for those traveling to watch puffins. For bird lovers and natural history buffs ages 10+. Also recommended: Loons, Loons: Song of the Wild, Swans, Penguins, Eagles, Eagles: Masters of the Sky.
ISBN: 9780896584198
Page Count: 72
Publisher: Voyageur Press
Publication Date: 5/31/1999
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