Pippi Longstocking (Puffin Modern Classics)

Author: Astrid Lindgren
Tommy and his sister Annika have a new neighbor, and her name is Pippi Longstocking. She has crazy red pigtails, no parents to tell her what to do, a horse that lives on her porch, and a flair for the outrageous that seems to lead to one adventure after another!
ISBN: 9780142402498
Page Count: 160
Publisher: Puffin Books
Publication Date: 4/21/2005
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Characters: Pippi Longstocking (Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Efraim’s Daughter Longstocking), Annika, Tommy, Pippi’s Horse, Mrs. Settergren (Tommy & Annika’s mother), Mr. Nilsson (the monkey),