Make A Joyful Noise

Author: Charles De Lint
Limited edition chapbook,574 numbered unsigned copies and 26 signed and lettered copies.Includes illustrated envelope.

This is the story of the crow girls, Zia and Maida, who have been around since the beginning of time. Mischievous and inquisitive they find themselves helping a ghost boy named Donald and his mother. Neither Donald nor his mother can move forward until they find resolution. Maida is determined to help them find that resolution at whatever cost. She enlists the help of Zia and Raven and in the process learns that life is messy—full of sadness and confusion–but worth every moment of it. Some things simply are not as they seem, most things really.

ISBN: 9781596060449
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Subterranean Press
Publication Date: 2005
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy, Fiction,
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Characters: Christy Riddell, Geordie, Zia, Chloe, Lucius, Donald Quinn (Ghost boy), Madeline, Joe, Whiskey Jack, Maida, Michael Clark, Ghost boy’s (Donald Quinn) mother, Jilly, Nels,

Memorable Quote
Plot: When explaining if they (Maida and Zia) are sisters, that they are not exactly sisters…
Quote: “…what exactly our relationship is, I don’t know. We’ve never known. We just are.”

“Two little mysteries that remain unchanged while the world changes all around us.”

Memorable Quote 2
Plot: Maida is explaining how people define her and Zia…
Quote: “We all carry around other people’s expectations of who we are, and sometimes we end growing into those expectations.”

Memorable Quote 3
Plot: Maida about how contagious sad is…
Quote: “And now I feel like I’m forgetting what its like to be happy…Why is it so easy to spread sadness and so hard to spread happiness.”

Memorable Quote 4
Plot: When asked how Maida and Zia could just ‘walk right in’ and out…
Quote: “We didn’t disappear…we were just in the between.”

Memorable Quote 5
Plot: Donald wants to know why his mother doesn’t remember him…he believes she should.
Quote: “The world is full of shoulds…but that doesn’t make them happen.”

Memorable Quote 6
Plot: After helping Donald find resolution, Zia realizes life and death are complicated…
Quote: “Life’s not very tidy, so I suppose there’s no reason for death to be any different.”

Memorable Quote 7
Plot: Nels explaining the nature of ‘ghosts’
Quote: “Everybody’s got ghosts. I suppose one of the measures of how you live your life is how well you make your peace with them.”

Memorable Quote 8
Plot: After all is said and done Maida realizes that life is complicated and messy.
Quote: “I’d rather be caught up in the clutter of living, flying high above the streets and houses, making a joyful noise.”