Leyendas Del Mundo Hispano (2nd Edition)

Author: Susan M. Bacon
Author: Nancy A. Humbach
Author: Gregg O. Courtad
Author: Aitor Bikandi-Mejias
Perhaps no other story is as compelling, as universal, or conveys so much about a culture as a legend. Recognizing this, Leyendas del mundo hispano offers 12 Hispanic legends from Mexico, Columbia, El Salvador, Spain, Puerto Rico, Argentina, Paraguay, and the United States. These stories illustrate the blending of cultures (Spanish, Indigenous, Mestizo), and the creation of new legends—as well as the evolution of legends. KEY TOPICS An opening chapter explores popular stories such as Davy Crockett and Johnny Appleseed to help readers understand the importance of, and differences between, legends and myths. Interesting, accessible readings with universal themes—e.g., questions of money, power, honor, and revenge; fidelity and courage; star-crossed lovers; good and evil; friendship and good will; the futility of the search for imagined treasure—make up this anthology. For fluent Spanish speakers and avid readers.
ISBN: 9780131834286
Page Count: 152
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication Date: 7/7/2003
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