In Quest Of The Universe, Enhanced Updated Web Version

Author: Karl F. Kuhn
Relatively few students who enroll in an introduction to astronomy course are majoring in astronomy or another science. In fact, it may be the only physical science course they take during their college careers. It is important therefore that the class serve not just as an introduction to astronomy, but as an introduction to science in general. Through Kuhn’s text, students will come to understand the unique insight on the universe that astronomy provides, while also learning what science is, what scientists mean when they refer to a theory, how theories are tested and developed, and what motivates the development of science. Additionally, the Updated and Enhanced Web Version gives students the opportunity to become active participants in the learning process. The StarLinks web site makes full use of the Internet as a learning tool, keeping your course always current and capturing your students’ interest as they learn.
ISBN: 9780763706050
Page Count: 608
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Publication Date: 9/23/1997
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