Human Rights: An Introduction

Author: Darren O’Byrne
Provides a comprehensive overview of human rights and related issues from a social science perspective B> Including case studies and personal testimonies, this book discusses existing research on human rights and suggests how the ideas of contemporary thinkers may be relevant for furthering our understanding. It also provides the reader with thorough knowledge of the philosophical, legal, historical, and sociological material on human rights, such as theories and perspectives, acts and covenants, and statistical data. The author covers important topics including, censorship, political prisoners, torture, the death penalty, apartheid, slavery, genocide, and the plight of refugees. The book concludes with an overview of emerging areas in the discourse on human rights, including environmental concerns, the role of business and non-state actors, women’s rights, children’s rights, and the impact of globalization upon human rights debates and realities. Anyone interested in Human Rights.
ISBN: 9780582438248
Page Count: 456
Publisher: Longman
Publication Date: 10/24/2002
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