Halfway House: A Novel

Author: Katharine Noel

One day, Angie Voorster – diligent student, all-star swimmer and ivy-league bound high school senior – dives to the bottom of a pool and stays there. In that moment, everything the Voorster family believes they know about each other changes. Katharine Noel’s extraordinary debut illuminates the fault lines in one family’s relationships, as well as the complex emotional ties that bind them together.
With grace and precision rarely seen in a first novel, Noel guides her reader through a world where love is imperfect, and where longing for an imagined ideal can both destroy one family’s happiness and offer them redemption. Halfway House introduces a powerful, eloquent new literary voice.

ISBN: 9780802142917
Page Count: 384
Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: 2/8/2007
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