Flights Of Fancy: Birds In Myth, Legend, And Superstition

Author: Peter Tate
The perfect bedside companion for every bird-watcher and nature lover, inside Flights of Fancy you’ll find: Cranes “Don’t promise the crane in the sky, but give the titmouse in your hand.”
Russian proverb

“One for sorrow, two for joy…”
Traditional English rhyme

“The owl shrieked at thy birth, an evil sign.”
Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part III

“The peacock is ashamed of its large black feet.”
Medieval Persian tradition

“When the raven tried to bring fire to the world, ash turned its feathers black.”
Cherokee Indian legend

“Sewing a swan’s feather into your husband’s pillow will keep him faithful.”
British superstition

ISBN: 9780385342483
Page Count: 208
Publisher: Delacorte Press
Publication Date: 10/21/2008
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