Different View: The National Library Of Australia And Its Building Art

Author: national library of Australia
Published by the National Library of Australia. In all seasons, in Canberra’s clean air, the Library stands out by day and night, its reflection mirrored on the surface of Lake Burley Griffin. Bathed in sunshine, or softly floodlit, its elegant neoclassical lines proclaim it a significant landmark in the national capital – an icon of culture, learning and scholarship. To complement its iconic image, the building accommodates several monumental sculptures on its perimeter and some colourful and decorative works of art in its interior spaces. This publication highlights the artworks on display in the Library’s public spaces. From Leonard French’s jewel-like windows to the shimmering images of English textile artist Alice Kettle, A Different View reveals the beauty of the building that is the storehouse of Australia’s documentary heritage.
ISBN: 9780642107633
Page Count: 101
Publisher: Antipodes Books and Beyond, Ltd.
Publication Date: 12/16/2003
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