Animal Cartoons (How To Draw & Paint) (How To Draw & Paint)

Author: Ed Nofziger
Walter Foster’s classic How to Draw and Paint series provides aspiring artists with an exceptional array of art instruction books featuring all subject areas and media. Each title includes easy step-by-step exercises as well as finished illustrations or paintings that will inspire artistic talent in anyone. Packed with practical information, helpful tips, and fundamental techniques, the How to Draw and Paint series offers a complete library of resources to which artists of all skill levels can refer again and again. What you’ll learn from this book … • Basic construction of cartoon characters, from basic shapes to final details • How to draw a range of cartoon animals, such as elephants, dogs, birds, bears, raccoons, and much more • Handy tips for drawing caricatures of animal feet, knees, and hands • How to draw eyes to create funny expressions and convey emotion • The importance of exaggeration–how and why to use it • Hints on drawing cartoon animals and their human look-alikes
ISBN: 9780929261539
Page Count: 32
Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing
Publication Date: 1/31/1997
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