Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion

May 24

Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion is the second book in a trilogy by Brandon Mull. I read the first book, Beyonders: A World Without Heroes and was a bit harsher than I should have been in my review (you can read that here). Brandon Mull knew what he was doing, even if I didn’t see it. He was setting the readers up, introducing us to the characters before he got to the meat of the story. And without going over, ad nauseam, the details of the first book, he just dove right into the story. He does weave some things in to help us recall the various details but for the most part, he just let’s those of us who read the first book appreciate what happens next. This is so lovely… and so rare. Many authors explain too much what readers may have missed in previous books. I always feel like they shouldn’t. Like people should read the entire series. But, Brandon Mull does just enough to help us remember without going into tedious detail recall.

My interest is piqued with this second book, it held my attention and now I cannot wait till next spring for the final book in this fantasy trilogy!! It will be worth it, I am certain. I have grown to love the characters he has created and want to see what is in store for each of them. I have enjoyed reading how they have developed and grown. I look forward to see how this story ends!

I am reluctant to write much of the story because I do not want to spoil it for anyone. Suffice to say the main characters are all back.

Let me introduce the main characters, shall I?

Jason (from Vista, Colorado) and Rachel (from Olympia, Washington State)–the two young Beyonders (people from our world) who happened, without trying, to each find themselves in a new world, Lyrian, who now have joined the fight against the evil emperor and last known wizard, Maldor; Maldor lives in Felrook and rules over all the lands, spreading a tyranny of darkness and violence; Galloran, the Blind King, of Trensicourt and the leader of the rebellion against Maldor–he was blinded and tortured when captured by Maldor, but was released when Maldor mistakenly believed he was useless and powerless without eyes or his mind; Corrine, Galloran’s daughter, was raised in a magical tree on an island that received very few visitors…she was raised by her great aunt–the tree made everyone forget anything they had seen or heard or said or did inside but if you ate the magical mushrooms, you could remember upon leaving the tree– Corrine also was one of the guardians of part of the magic word to destroy Maldor; Jasher is a seed man, from the people Amar Kabal, a race of people created by a wizard–they have a seed at the nape of their neck and every time they die, as long as their seed is recovered, intact and replanted, they will be reborn at the exact age they died the very first time; Drake is also of the seed people but he was stuck in a terrible place, Harthenham, where gluttony is encouraged and comes at a cost, not unlike the island of Pleasure in Pinnochio, during his stay in Harthenham, Drake abused a terrible substance and his seed was damaged–now he is on his last life; Tark, a musician playing the sousalax, a member of a group who sacrificed their lives trying to make a statement, the group was called the Giddy 9–When Jason first arrived in Lyrian he saved Tark from going over the waterfall with the rest of the Giddy 9—this left Tark with a lot of guilt, he felt like he failed his fellow band members but has pledged his allegiance to Jason and wants to do anything he can to make up for all the wrong he feels he has done; and last but not least, Ferrin, a displacer, a race created by a wizard to be master manipulators and protect the evil cause of Maldor…they can be dismembered and their parts are “linked by cross-dimensional connections” and all their parts can communicate with their brain, they are not trustworthy and will betray anyone, including each other, and they are fiercely loyal to Maldor and his triump—except Ferrin, I won’t give away too many details but suffice to say, through this second book he is working with the group, not against them.

In this second book of the series, the key people are trying to rally support from all races of people to join together to fight against Maldor. In order to do so, they must make a tumultuous journey to meet the Oracles to discover if there is even a chance to overcome Maldor. There are no guarantees and mostly everyone has lost hope for a future where Maldor does not run the entire world. To convince some of the more reserved of races, reassurances that defeat is even possible are necessary before they will commit to giving up their own truce with the evil emperor. And so, off they go to ask the Oracles but it is no easy journey.

I won’t tell you what happens—-read the book! Read them both!

The Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion by Brandon Mull is definitely worth the read!


This book was part of my reading challenge — the 2012 Eclectic Reader Challenge — under Young Adult.


  1. I often find that the first book in a series is about world-building and introductions rather than story, I’m glad you enjoyed the second installment. Thanks for sharing your review!

  2. Yes, I agree. That is usually the case. I am not certain why it escaped me when I wrote the first review. Ah, well. All’s well that ends well.

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