Beyonders by Brandon Mull

Aug 08

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I waited for this book for a long time. I was anticipating his newest series (after Fablehaven, which I gobbled up). Sadly, it was not as good as I had hoped. To be fair I might be going through a slow phase where everything captures only part of my attention but it just couldn’t hold me to it. That said let me tell  you a bit about the story.

A boy named Jason is having an ordinary day when something extraordinary happens, he follows some music into a new world. I won’t give away the details in case you want to read it. Here in this new world he stumbles upon an interesting world full of strife… a world that has no heroes but needs one. He isn’t quite sure it should be him but he is willing to do the right things along the way. He meets up with Rachel who also was pulled into this other world. And together they begin a quest to be the heroes this new world so desperately needs. They meet some intriguing characters along the way. Some are good. Some not so much but they continue to believe in the goodness of people throughout.

I won’t spoil the end but suffice to say it ends abruptly. It is clearly the first in a series but the author took a bit too much liberty with this concept, in my opinion. He needed to have closure for this story even if only tentatively.

UPDATE (5/24/2012): I think I was too harsh in this review. Brandon Mull was setting the scene…the story gets significantly better in the second book, Beyonders: Seeds of Rebellion (read my review here) and the set up of the first book falls into place nicely. Definitely worth the read! Both this one and the second one!

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