Axis Mundi by Karen Holmberg

Feb 25

Axis Mundi by Karen Holmberg

I love poetry and I love birds.

So, when I saw this book with a bird on the cover, titled Axis Mundi, or the center of the world—the connection between Heaven and Earth, between man and woman, the cosmic axis—I thought to myself, this is a book I need to read. Axis Mundi was written by a poet, Karen Holmberg, who happens to be from Oregon, another lovely part of the Pacific Northwest. She writes of powerful things in her poetry, evoking strong emotions and visceral reactions in some.

…by the mother who gives to us, and gives to us,

Then wrenches away what we love

In her vast wave. (Ward, 17-18)

I can feel it being wrenched away, that which I love, whatever that is to me.

Karen plays with language like an architect plays with lines and creates something beautiful, an emotion jumping off the paper through my eyes into my mind, burrowing for days so I might keep thinking about the meaning of her words, her poems, this book. She also writes her poetry with varying structure. Some were concrete poems which mix visual form and text to make a statement, staggering lines in some of her poems like, Negative (45-48).

Snippet from Karen Holmberg's book, Axis Mundi. All Rights Reserved by Karen Holmberg.

Snippet from Karen Holmberg’s book, Axis Mundi. All Rights Reserved by Karen Holmberg.

This adds a sense of dramatic effect, allowing the reader to fall off long-awaited cliffs or abruptly, like the emotion, or experience. It helps the readers experience the poem, rather than just read it.

If you like poetry, you will like this book. I definitely recommend it.

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