Clever Sign

Aug 08

Vancouver, B.C., originally uploaded by Literary Tourist. Now THIS is a place I would like to visit and eat at regularly. Yes,...

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My kind of tree

Aug 07

Thank you grandpa, originally uploaded by Leen…. Another lovely illustration by Aileene Posada. What a gift she has. Thank you, Aileen’s grandpa for giving her a love for books and thank you Aileen for giving the world this lovely art!...

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Home sweet home

Aug 06

Home sweet home, originally uploaded by Leen…. Could this *be* anymore perfect? Via Flickr: Lápiz editado. By: Leen (All rights reserved by original artist: Aileen...

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Little Free Library

Jan 03

I came across this brilliant idea by accident and I absolutely in love with it! The Little Free Library is a network of people putting up tiny little libaries where people can come by and take a book or leave a book! What a way to promote literacy and a love for reading! You can build your own or buy a kit or one already made from them directly! How cool is that?...

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Interview with author Karen Maitland

Oct 25

My true love is to read. I am far past a bookworm plowing past bibliophile. My home is littered with books stacked waist high from the door onward. It is a literary adventure within these walls. This past year I have been fortunate enough to read some excellent books and one of them Company of Liars: A Novel by Karen Maitland sent me head-over-heels for historical...

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