And read aloud, I did…

Mar 07

And read aloud, I did…

Today was National Read Aloud Day. It was also, as I mentioned, my dearest friend’s birthday. So, I read aloud to her–her favorite childhood book, Happy Birthday, Moon. An adorable, sweet story about a bear who wants to talk to the moon, to ask when its birthday is and thinks when his voice echoes back to him that it is the moon talking to him. It is super cute and worth a read or re-read.

I also read aloud to her the first chapter of Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya. This is one we read together years ago but we wanted to revisit it. It is a story of a boy and his paternal grandma, Ultima — La Grande – a curandera who comes to live with him and his family and teaches him so much about his culture, his family, himself and the world. It is an absolutely enchanting story. I’ll write another review, a proper one, when I finish re-reading it. =)


Good food, good friends, good books, good fun. =) It was a lovely day.

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