A reader I am, I am.

I love books. And everything about them. The stories, the humanity, the emotions, the thoughts, the lessons printed permanent on the grainy pages. 

I love the feel of books in my hands, the textures underneath my fingertips,  the weight of the book in my palm, the solidity of otherwise intangible lives plucked from some imagination.

I love the papery wooden smell of books. The way a story can keep me mesmorized for hours, days. The after-effects of such a story that lingers making me long for more years later. The intoxicating way books transform ideas, shape thoughts, give worded validity to emotions. The magical way books allow us to shift our paradigms and expand our sights.

I love to search for new books, to read multiple books at one time, to identify with some of the main protagonists, to loathe others. I love that through each book I am storied a little bit or a lot more and through these stories I grow, I learn, I am infused with all the lessons, all the losses, all the rites of passages of every character, every plot, every quirky comeback.

I am a reader. And here, I would like to share with you some of the books I’ve read, to discuss them or hear about the books you are reading. I want to recommend my favorites which grow in number with the more books I am able to read. I want to hear from you about your favorite books. I want to get into deep, lengthy discussions—short, superficial chats–whatever feels right with others who enjoy books.

I will be adding blogs about all things related to books and reading. I will also provide you with some of my favorite links–visit them. You won’t regret it.

So, have a look around. Make suggestions, strike up a conversation. Leave a comment with your favorite quotes from your favorite or not-so-favorite book. Tell me your thoughts on which eReader you prefer: the Nook or the Kindle, and tell me why! What book(s) do you think I should read? And I will share with you who I think you should read. Read my reviews, my thoughts, my discussions with others. Agree or disagree, passionately but amicably, and let the fun begin!

Thank you for visiting. I will be adding things daily, so come back often! Feel free to contact me at nonsense at benonsensical dot com.