A Journey of 1000 books

Jun 21

…begins with one…which one will I choose?

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I think I will embark on a journey of 1000 books. I’ll start today. I already am in the middle of reading 50 this year but that can be the catalyst for this reading sojourn. I will post each book as I read it. No matter how long it takes me, I will reach 1000 books. Care to join me?


  1. I would love to take that journey with you! I don’t have 50 books I am reading at the same time, but I have a few I can start the journey with.

  2. =) YAY! Company! I am not reading 50 books at once! HA! But, it wouldn’t be far off… hahaha… I multi-task-read.

  3. Whoops! A slight misread. It did ring true to life…

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