2010 Reading Challenge Updates

Jan 07

I did not finish my self-imposed reading challenges by December 31st of 2010. I read a lot last year but I read organically from topic to subject to author… and I suppose my attempts to box myself in made me rebel and refuse. Tsk. Tsk. So, instead of beating myself up on not completing by the deadline I have decided to extend the deadline to whenever I finish. And that is a kinder way for me to be with myself and to enjoy the books I choose rather than feeling boxed in. =) That said, here is where I am with the two challenges so far.

Chunkster Challenge

Because I have my Nook and I have downloaded all my chunky books onto it and they technically do not count in this challenge, I have finished none of the 3 chunksters. So I will choose some actual books (not electronic) and do it.

Orbis Terrarum Reading Challenge

I have made it through3 countries so far (Cuba, UK, and France). I spent a lot of time in Cuba and the UK the past few months. I had the Australian debacle but I didn’t give up on Australian literature. I asked some insiders what they recommend and will be trying some soon. =). I need to travel to 5 more countries. I will let you know my progress.

And so, I have learned that it is better for me to go with the flow and choose my next reading material organically because that is how I like to read and there is no real purpose except adventuring out, which I do anyways, in forcing myself to follow a prescribed reading list. Those lists belong in classes and courses not in everyday reading. I won’t let my love for reading get lost in arbitrary goals.

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