12 Days of MY Birthday (Day 2)

Dec 08

December 8th — Day 2 of  the 12 Days of MY Birthday…

Today, I decided I would wake up and eat oatmeal and fresh cut up fruit. This is one of my favorite foods during the colder months…and thus would be my celebration for Day Two. =) That was enough for me…but my friend had other ideas…

She surprised me with some holiday tea by Barnes and Noble in honor of day two of my 12 days of birthday! How fun! She wanted to take part in this celebration. YAY! =) I like to share little things that ground us and build relationships.

Day 2   Holiday Tea from Barnes and Noble — yummy stuff. It is a nice cold weather tea with cinnamon, almonds, cloves and citrus in a black tea blend.

Holiday Tea from Barnes and Noble

Holiday Tea from Barnes and Noble

Happy day 2 of the 12 days of my birthday… Thanks friend for celebrating with me!

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